Morpheus NG

Сертификация безопасности: LTF/EN-D
Размер: 19/21

Легенда возвращается

2 600,00 - 2 700,00

258 931,80 - 268 890,71
The MORPHEUS Next Generation is the world‘s first infinity tumble capable certified paraglider. It pays homage to the Acro History of U-Turn with the insights of the next generation of development. The Acro-Trainer and Freestyler offers easily accessible dynamics. He is equipped with a significantly higher performance profile than the purebred Acro wing. The MORPHEUS carries the unmistakable DNA of its big dynamic brothers Blackout + and Joker, but acts much softer. The Morpheus is the perfect starting wing to later change to the related wings. Especially acro beginners appreciate the sweet-tempered characteristics when the timing is not on point with the good feeling of a
certified wing.

With the MORPHEUS NG, Ernst Strobl is able to achieve the unbelievable performance of developing the world‘s first infinity tumbling freestyler, which even at size 19 has LTF / EN-D certification. Company founder Thomas Vosseler pays tribute to the work of his longtime partner in respectful recognition. Visionary Vosseler has long had the brainchild of a true acro beginner glider capable of infinity tumbling and with certification. The new Acro-Trainer combines freestyle genes with performance. The mixture of sporty dynamics and reliable climbing performance leads to a versatile field of application. The agile handling of the MORPHEUS NG makes the dynamic soaring game as much fun as approaching the acro maneuvers at high altitude. The MORPHEUS NG builds equally efficient height, as he converts it during descent into pure fun factor.

The MORPHEUS NG is the perfect acro beginner and freestyler. For all pilots who like to build up height efficiently, like they will convert these into pure fun factor when descending.

The requirement profile of a fully-fledged acro wing mastering the size 19 certification test program was enormous. All findings from the inexhaustible experience of U-Turn have been incorporated into the concept. After developing the Joker competition wing at the upper limit, the Morpheus NG is the answer below the Blackout + with even more forgiving characteristics. Countless trials of new line geometries were required to combine much power with even greater tolerance. Especially Acro beginners should thus achieve rapid learning success. The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) optimizes the cross ventilation of the Crossports and creates a balanced inner pressure of the lightweight wing. The cap tension provides high stability in the maneuvers and good feedback, which also keeps the brake pressure lower but precise. 
The MORPHEUS NG also represents „the next generation“ during processing. Everything is done for longevity and dimensional stability, including multiple reinforced seams and reinforcements on all line suspensions and V-tapes. In favor of a lightweight wing concept, the high-quality Skytex 38 is used. The low cap weight favors the already good-natured reaction behavior of MORPHEUS NG additionally. Especially the starting behavior is unrivaled.
You cannot start Acro flying any easier,
free your mind MORPHEUS NG!
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