Параплан APEX

  • Вы — опытный пилот?
  • Вы имеете хорошие навыки, активного пилотирования?
  • Ваши друзья смотрят как вы летаете, чтобы летать лучше?
  • Ваш инструктор подтверждает ваш талант?
  • Вы налетали больше чем 200 полетов?
  • Вы летаете регулярно без заначительных промежутков?
  • Вы придаете значение эстетике?
  • Вы рассчитываете достигнуть много?
  • Вы готовы расширить ваш опыт полетов?
When at least six of these criterias meet your perceptions, the APEX is your paraglider. The APEX is a direct derivation of our competition section, featuring the DHV 2-certification. Meant from the beginning as a tool for skilled pilots, this certification was not a surprise, but our goal: To deliver a high-performance paraglider to pilots, who appreciate pure power and a healthy pinch of aggressiveness. 

The APEX is exclusively dedicated to experienced pilots. Sail design and profiles derive directly from our competition paraglider APEX XP. There is a saying of Tomas Alva Edison: “Opportunity is missed by most people, because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.” We at U-Turn did not miss the opportunity to design a real competitive glider, because we like overalls as well as we like to work. 

It took nearly two years of impressive engineering to present this dream-glider. First our company pilots did a lot of testing, later they were assisted by experienced flight instructors, based at our competence centers. This procedure led to a lot of stimulating feedback. 

You will love the APEX from the moment you lay it out. Easy sorting because of ultra-smart Technore-lines is one thing, but the flat aspect ratio of 5.9 is a real optical goody: perfect. The APEX is easy to launch, and the cap design makes it first choice for hard wind areas. 

Once in the air, the APEX is in its element. It is agile, but not nervous, and itґs an eager climber. The approved competition design bestows the glider its tremendous capability. It is no problem to reach speeds of 54 km/h or more. The APEX is a glider to rely on for the second best moments in life.